CollaborateMD Department Agreements

Please Acknowledge Department Agreements

Before we send you your New Account Wizard and getting started with CollaborateMD,
we ask you please take some time to review and acknowledge the below Department Agreements. 
It is our #1 Goal to ensure your success by properly setting your expectations for success.

CollaborateMD ("CMD") reserves the right to update these Agreements periodically to ensure consistency with the Customer Software Agreement and to allow for operational efficiency, changes in workflows, or otherwise.

Our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your CollaborateMD (CMD) experience and services provided to you. In order to achieve this goal, we have created Department Agreements that properly outline the expectations of all stakeholders, CMD, Account Business Owner, Account Trainee, Admins, & Authorized Representatives. CMD reserves the right to update these agreements as needed to ensure regulatory compliance; adjustments for various changes in workflow, updated product features, and efficiency. Click on the corresponding agreements for more information regarding the terms and policies for each department. If you do not want to agree to these terms you may not access or use the Service. 

Accounting Agreement

Training Agreement 

Support Agreement 

Review and acknowledge Accounting Agreement which outlines both parties responsibilities for invoicing and payment of fees incurred under the Customer Service Agreement (“CSA”), whether for use of the Licensed Software or receipt of Services. Review and acknowledge Training Agreement which outlines both parties' responsibilities in delivery and utilization of the Licensed Software. Review and acknowledge Support Agreement which outlines both parties' responsibilities for ongoing use and support of the Licensed Software.


CollaborateMD is the only company that provides you a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team member and a Customer eXperienced Management (CXM) team member so that you always have an advocate at CollaborateMD that ensures your success! We combine these two areas of expertise (CRM+CXM) and provide you with... CRXM!

CollaborateMD loves partnering with Medical Billing Services and Medical Practices together to ensure the success of both parties!

90% of solo and small physician practices that have in house billing and collections today, plan to outsource most of all their medical billing services within the next two years, according to Black Book Rankings.  If you are ever in need of credentialing, contracting, consulting, or even a full-service billing service, contact your Sales & Solutions representative for one of the accredited Preferred Billers.


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