Elation Health Meets Medical Billing

More about Elation Health, our Trusted Partner

CollaborateMD realizes that clinical systems are significantly different than practice management systems. Through our strategic relationships, we are able to provide you with the highest quality solutions so you never have to sacrifice your clinical needs or financial workflow. Elation is about building a technology platform that doctors and patients use because they want to use it. If you're switching from another EHR, Elation can import all of the data from your old EHR, no matter the brand. Elation Health works closely with our CollaborateMD team to ensure our customers are treated with respect and experience streamlined workflows, greater efficiency, and improved patient experience. 

Elation Health review: "We highly recommend Elation to practices who have resisted starting with an EHR or for those who are giving up in frustration on their unsuccessful EHR implementation."

Claim Follow Up

Claim Follow-Up helps keep you on top of high priority claims, ensuring you are pursuing every dollar owed. In addition, you can generate actionable tasks from the Claim Follow-Up module to boost insurance receivables, follow-up productivity, and financial performance.

Real Time Claim Submission

Real-Time Claim Submission gives you on-demand visibility into your claim. You can know within seconds if your claims are accepted and on their way to the Payer, or you can quickly correct rejected claims before they even get submitted.

Customizable Reports & Dashboards

Retrieve any and all data with our advanced reporting and customizable reports. Our Interactive Dashboard provides real-time insight into the financial performance and health of your account at a glance in an easy-to-understand visual format.

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