Support Agreement

CollaborateMD Web Application Program Interface Software Agreement

This Support Agreement outlines both parties’ responsibilities for ongoing use and support of the Licensed Software.  CollaborateMD ("CMD") reserves the right to update this Support Agreement periodically to ensure consistency with the Customer Software Agreement (CSA) and to allow for operational efficiency, changes in workflows or otherwise.

check_mark_step_1.pngSupport requests are acknowledged within 24 to 48 hours from the time they are processed, although actual response time may be faster. 

Support Description

"Support” for purposes of this Support Agreement and the Customer Software Agreement consists of CMD receiving and responding to Customer questions or concerns regarding the performance or functionality of the Licensed Software. CMD is dedicated to resolving your issues quickly and effectively. We view every support engagement as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction. Support requests will be acknowledged within 24 to 48 hours from the time they are processed, although actual response time may be faster. This does not include the total time required to resolve the request. Support requests are routed to a Support Specialist I (SSI) and prioritized based on severity. During the resolution process, the SSI may escalate to Support Specialist II (SSII) or Support Specialist III (SSIII) for additional assistance. If necessary, your request may be routed to our development team.  However, the support specialist assigned to your request will always retain ownership as your customer advocate. Once your solution has been verified, a resolution to your request will be provided and your case will be closed.


In an effort to improve customer satisfaction, CMD has implemented an automated satisfaction survey that allows a customer to provide feedback about their experiences and satisfaction with support. CMD appreciates your feedback and leverages all feedback to implement improvements to our products and services. A survey is sent out to a user after a resolution to their issue has been provided, with the exception that you have not already been surveyed in the last 14 days.

Roles & Responsibilities

CMD Responsibility

  • check_mark_step_1.pngSupport is provided for the functional use of the Licensed Software and does not include coding, billing, or payer specific advice or guidance.

    CMD provides support related to the functional use of the Licensed Software.
  • CMD is not responsible for providing any training or support related to coding, billing, or providing advice (including guidance) on how your payers require your claims to be submitted or how payments are received.
  • CMD has no obligation to provide support or service to accounts not in good financial standing until payment has been received in full. 

Administrator Responsibility

CMD reserves the right to limit or terminate support service if the authorized representative, administrator, user or customer uses the service in an excessive or abusive manner. Examples include a user requesting support outside the channel of the authorized representative/administrator, a high number of support requests that contain previously resolved issues and/or general usability, repeated posing of questions to which the answer is readily found in one of our many self-service training tools, and discussion of issues that are not related to the functional use of the Licensed Software.

Support Description

check_mark_step_1.pngAuthorized Representative and/or Administrator is the first line of support for their users/customers. 

Before contacting Support, users should engage their Authorized Representative and/or Administrators for help and assistance.  Authorized Representative and/or Administrators should explore help that is readily available through our self-service training tools. When self-help has been exhausted and assistance is needed from CMD Support, please use one of the methods listed below.

Important: All users will be required to verify their 4 digit call-in PIN when contacting us for assistance.

  1. Self Service Portal
    • Self Service Portal allows administrators to resolve their inquiries 24 X 7. Authorized Representative and/or Administrators can log new cases, check their existing cases, leverage suggested solutions in order to close their cases or search the knowledgebase for solutions. 
  2. Email
    • Emails sent to [email protected] are monitored twice daily during regular business hours. Cases are created from emails received prior to 9:30 AM EDT and prior to 3:30 PM EDT, Monday through Friday. 
  3. Live Chat 
    • Live Chat is available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday. 
  4. Phone 
    • 888.348.8457, Option 2
    • Monday - Friday from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm EDT, excluding holidays.